Venture Inc zwiększa udział w Time Solutions


Venture INC

Venture Inc signed two contracts thanks to which it holds a total of 12.53% of shares in Inno-Gene S.A., which is listed on the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The Inno-Gene Capital Group comprises companies from the life science sector, which apply unique, innovative technologies and conduct their own research and development works. It has four laboratories in Warsaw and Poznań. The key asset of the Group is DNA Research Center Sp. z o.o. (DNARC), which is the leader of genetic diagnostics in Poland, offering over 100 of own tests and approx. 300 tests produced by other test entities, used, among others, in gynecology and oncology.

Venture Inc bought shareholding of Inno-Gene from MED-CENTER and ULTRA QAM 5 – a total of 12.5 per cent of shares. Before the transaction, MED-CENTER held 7.05 per cent of shares and ULTRA QAM 5 exceeded the threshold of 5.48 per cent of shares.

The transaction is the result of the Venture Inc strategy.