Venture Inc capitalizes Infermedica


Venture INC

Venture Inc will take up shares in the new issue of Infermedica. Infermedica will be able to implement its development plans faster thanks to the funds obtained.

Infermedica  is a software provider that makes use of artificial intelligence technology to perform initial medical diagnostics. The tool is founded on an intelligent system for instant statistical inference using structured, high-quality medical knowledge. The software makes it possible to conduct symptom checker interviews, monitor the patient’s health status and create recommendations for laboratory tests.{1}

The company does not only create its own solutions, but also enables other entities to build solutions tailored to their local markets through the application programming interface (API), which has a global reach.

Infermedica, in accordance with the decision of the General Meeting, will issue 6666 new shares, of which 5333 will be taken up by Venture Inc. The price for taking up these shares is PLN 2 million. As a result of the transaction, the share of Venture Inc in Infermedica’s capital will increase from 27.38% to 36.25%.